Wednesday, 22 June 2011

We're In Departures!!

So, the adventure starts with a visit to Costalot for coffee in Birmingham Airport for a drink. Managed to get through passport control cleanly. The news about the ash cloud hovering around Oz and NZ seems to of gone a bit quite. But before we even get anywhere near there, we’ve got 7 hours on a plane to Dubai first.
Thanks to The Funny Farm for dog sitting for a few weeks, to our downstairs neighbours who are keeping a listen out for rogue elephants running around our flat, to Len and Muriel for popping around and keeping an eye on the fish to make sure that there are no illegal raves going on in the tank, and finaly to Dad and Linda for coming to visit while we’re not there, but at least agreeing to change some water in the fish tank in the mean time!
Now, time to see if I can get the webcam thing working…..