Monday, 13 June 2011

The Plan for the North

North Island covered in 8 days!

...and I’m already thinking that this isn’t going to be enough time.  Nearly every person we’ve spoken to about NZ has said that no matter how long you spend there visitng, it’ll never be enough.  I was speaking to someone earlier today who told me he worked there for 12 months, and it still wasn’t enough!

Anyway, though not set in stone, this is what we’ve decided to aim for (pending no more disruption from ash clouds, earthquakes or any other ‘Acts of God’).

We’re hoping to visit:-

Bay of Islands





And then ferry to Picton.

If anyone has been and has recommendations of places to stay (bearing in mind we will be in our campervan) we’d be happy to hear them.  I think people can comment on this thing, but as yet, that is another unknown!  We’re going armed with a list of places, a few dates and locations where we need to be at a given time (mates wedding for example), a copy of Lonely Plant and a road atlas.

7 days left in work and counting.......

Tony and Ali