Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Photographic proof of not drinking beer whilst not in the brewery pub.

Good evening one and all. Tonight's entry will be a fairly brief affair due
to the nature of the days events.
Fact number 1. When relying on your phone alarm to wake you up in the
morning, do not assume that it already showing new Zealand time, and not
Adelaide time. By doing this, you ensure that you can meet at 9.30 for
brekkie in town, as opposed to believing it is currently 7.30 and therefor
time to get up from bed.
That aside, brekkie was lovely. Complete with spicy currywurst sausage. We
ate in Joes Garage. Look it up, there's only one of them in town.
At around 11.00 we waved goodbye to the ladies who left for their wine tour,
and we were under strict instructions to behave ourselves and complete a
list of challenging chores before we even thought about going to Starbucks
for the rest of the day.
The list of challenges were as follows.
1 Get top up for mobile phone after credit was diminished due to phoning an
Australian mobile approx. 8 times when it was switched off and going
straight to voicemail.
2 Buy a postcard.
3 Write a postcard.
4 Find a stamp, put it on the postcard and post it.
5 Buy another something which we can't mention here due to events in the
Challenges 1, 2 and 3 were completed successfully. Challenge 4 only gained
half marks. The stamp bought we think was for air mail, but it got posted
in the snail mail box by mistake.
Challenge 5 complete and extra brownie points earned.
That list complete, Alan and I went off in search of Starbucks. But we got
slightly side tracked at around midday ish by a lady writing a sign which
started 'Free Beer'. It just happened to be out the front of the very same
brewery I was writing about yesterday, the DDL. So in we went, and a mini
beer festival ensued. The first order of the day was two tasting paddles,
each consisting of 5 different beers brewed at the brewery. (See facebook
page for tasting notes.) We also were encourage to take advantage of the
free beer offer by buying burger and chips too.
By the time beer number ten was consumed, we were joined by Ali and Ali who
came back suitably satisfied at the wine which had been tasted throughout
the day, It was now time for dinner. Dinner in HALO posh burger joint
where another burger and chips were consumed along with beer 11.
Now, some of you might be wondering (if this has worked properly) what are
the photos all about. Well, there is lager logic to this. These photos as
you see are taken in negative. As such the photos are of Alan and I
drinking no beer whilst not sitting in a pub. This proves that indeed we
did spend all our time in Starbucks drinking coffee and not touching a drop
of beer. Reverse psychology - got to love it!
Tomorrow we head off up the north towards what some might consider to be the
main event! Until then,