Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lady Knox has been gushing.

Just a quick update tonight, well, until I start going off on a tangent somewhere. Todays counts : Vanner waves 3, Lorry Wave (after being mistaken for a vanner) 1, plus one wave from a recovery vehicle driver who was carrying a dead campervan on the back of his lorry.
This morning, we took ourselves off to Wai-O-Tapu thermal springs. Lots of bubbly stuff going on there with the now familiar eggy farty smell! First part of the attraction was to see Lady Knox gushing. Now, before you all go off to google Lady Knox Gushing, I must warn you that I am not responsible for what may or may not turn up in the search results. To save any embarrassment, I will explain. Lady Knox is the name of a Geyser that erupts at 10.15 every morning. So, we pitched up and found not a lot of gushing to start off with, but sure enough come 10.15, this little beauty started.

It was one feature in a large park of lots of geothermal activity. A few km of walking took us around lots of different features from bubbling acidic pools, to sulphur vents and crystals to pools of blue water, lime green water and watery water. I took loads of pictures, but won’t put all up here. You’ll just have to badger us on our return if you want to see them, but here’s one more for a taster.

We left the thermal springs and paid a brief visit to some mud pools before then striking off across the wilderness heading for Napier. A quick stop off for lunch in Taupo before pushing on to Napier. The journey over to Taupo was a bit wild to say the least. Really windy, rainy and down to 2.5 at times, but winter is coming so what did we expect?
We now find ourselves in Napier and having sampled the local delicacy of Chicken Tikka Massala and Chicken Saag it’s now time to start planning for tomorrow. I hear tales of Winery tours, sheepskin product shops and a catch up with an old friend…
Until then, T